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    I have a Treo 700 and PREVIOUSLY used it on the Sprint Network using a PC computer with Outlook. Using this configuration, I was able to have my Treo in perfect synch with my desktop E-Mail using Sprint's Business Connection Software that I downloaded available through Sprint. If I received an E-Mail on my Treo and then responded to it from my Treo if I was away from my desktop computer (i.e. Out of my office an an appointment) the change/repsonse would also appear in Outlook. Therefore, 1) It looked as if I was in my office and responding and 2) most important, any response that I made would appear and be inside of my Outlook so I will always have a record of all my responses, etc. which is important for my business.

    I have now switched to a MAC computer and am using Microsoft Entourage. According to Sprint, they do not have a Business Connection Software that works and synchs with the MAC. Do you know of anything similar to the Business Connection Software that works with the MAC? My primary goal is to be able to respond to my E-Mail through the Treo 700 P when I'm out of the office, have it appear as I'm responding from my desktop machine (i.e. I'm in my office), and also have the E-Mail responses & chain of conversations marked in Entourage so that I can always refer back in Entourage so I know exactly what was said, responded to, etc. Ideally, it would also be great to be able to synch contacts back and forth as well just like the Business Connection does on the PC side through the Sprint software.

    Thanks for your assistance!
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    I'm not sure about your total setup, but I was doing something kind of similar with an IMAP account (fusemail) and chatter and Apple Mail. It was working out pretty good, but, I don't need to be that accessible and chatter was a bit too expensive for very rare casual use. I'm not sure if you'd be able to change your email provider though, but maybe something to help you with.

    If I'm way off, disregard this reply then.
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    I've been using Good ( at work, and it works the way you describe, though an Exchange Server... I'm personally on a PC, but I know many others in my office are using it from a Mac.

    Frankly, I hate Good because I think it ruins the interface for the Palm... It's like I'm no longer using a Palm, I'm using a Good... However, it does work, and it works the way you describe. So if all else fails, you could always try this.

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