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    Hi I wonder if you could please help, I have been using two Treos for the last year (my personal one and one from my employer) and I'm fed up carrying two around so time to give up mine. I'm concerned about the 'big brother" factor and I wondered if I use snappermail for my personal email would my personal email and text messages be visible to my employer? I am aware of the problem with the native contacts

    Thank you in advance and sorry for sounding a bit paranoid
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    I can't see how the employer could see your personal email with or without GoodLink under normal circumstances. I don't think GoodLink enables anything more than what travels across it's connection with the server.

    Although I'm not an expert, I suppose there are ways through a network "sniffer" to see the bits going to/from the phone but that's getting close to a privacy invasion, so I doubt a company would do that without prior cause.

    In my book, the best rule is to keep work and private life separate a much as possible. Think of everything on the company network being their property and as their property, they have the right to do with it as they please. Everything else on the phone (which I bought) is my property and I have sole rights to it. There are still gray areas, but this rule covers most of it.

    Sorry for the long post, but I been dealing with a similar situation as well.
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    just a thought here, although I know not for sure:
    Does one need goodlink server now that 700p gets a versamail update for the push technology?
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    Thank you for your replies, we just changed all the company Treos from 650's to 700p. I'm pretty sure that my company would not install any packet sniffing software but as tomvb200 said I'm used to keeping work and personal separate.

    I know i'm being a bit paranoid but I just cant deal with carrying two Treo's any more
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    Being a Sys Admin and the one responsible for deploying the Treo's here at my office, here's what I can tell you about OUR setup.

    We use Good to push mail to Treo 650's and 700p's with either Sprint or Verizon for a carrier. There is a user that is created for Good that has access to all mail accounts, but this is only for pushing the mail out (unless of course, someone logged in as that user).

    As far as the employer seeing what you have on your Treo for a personal account, I believe the only way that would happen is if you were fired and had to return the device without the chance to wipe it clean. I have versamail configured for my gmail account (as well as the gmail app available from Google), but the only way anyone could see it is either by having access to my device, or if I ran Palm Desktop and synchronized everything to my desktop.

    Hope this helps!

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    thank you for your reply, I just want to put a few apps on there Pocket Quicken, Snappermail (for personal email) and a few more. I know the old saying "keep business and pleasure separate" but I just cant carry two Treo's around any more

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