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    I was just curious. Sprint it giving me a Motorola Q to replace a phone on my private line. I have a 700p I sync with Outlook 2003 on Vista. Can I sync the Q, WM5 device with Outlook without causing insanity like duplicate contacts?o

    Also, I am looking to sync the two with the same .pst folder.

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    No takers?
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    I would think you would end up with duplicates once you got going. (My thought is that the sync methodology with Outlook would be re-ordered after each sync with the a different device -- and then when the other device was synced again it would assume all the contacts in Outlook were new because the sync index had changed. But this is a guess on my part.)

    My thought is to pick which device (Razr or Treo) that will be primary -- which will (both way) sychronize with Outlook and then set the other to only be downloaded to. (As in setting hotsync conduits to Desktop overwrites Palm).
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    Excellent suggestion.


    Actually, since I dont' have the device yet, does vista's wmdc give a "desktop overwrites handheld" option? The q is a junk, so the Treo is my primary.
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