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    I had the free Arkon Universal Vent Mount that came with my GPS adapter and it broke.

    Now I'm looking into buying the 3200mAh battery. Are there any vehicle mounts that are known to work with this battery? I would probably prefer a vent mount because of where my cigarette lighter is positioned.
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    The ProClip works very well. It's not vent mount though.
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    Ditto for ProClip. Easy to install. Quality product.
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    Do you have a link? I searched the store for ProClip and all that came up was a holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnhboyd View Post
    Will this proclip mount work with a Treo 700wx with a BSE skin?

    There is also an adjustable mount available, but the BSE skin is so thin, wouldn' the one specifically made for the 700 be a better fit?

    Also, there is one for the 700 listed that has a charger attached, but I'm assuming I could just run a regular charger cable to the 700 on the first mount I listed, correct?

    I'm basically looking for a good/secure mount that I can use for when I'm using the add on GPS (bluetooth) receiver I've purchased.

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    I have been using proclip for several years now, by far it is the best. I have a 700wx and the mount for it, slides right in, if you have a very thin skin you might be able to use it, however a little heat and a little bending, and you would be good to go. I do not think it is going to work with any sort of case on the 700wx, to form fitteded.

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