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    The flip lid finally broke after just a little over three years of use. Of course I had the battery drain problem long before, so I was just using the 180 as a PDA. But now I'm getting a new 650 from eBay, and I want to make sure I do things right.

    Should I just follow the advice for upgrading from a 600 for the clean install?
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    Not really, because the 600 was OS5, your 180 was OS4 (or older?). You're likely going to want to install all applications a few at a time and make sure they all still work properly.

    No hacks, etc, on OS5. They were very common on OS4. There are some which use YAHM but not suggested in general. You'll need to upgrade programs if you haven't, etc.

    You should be able to migrate your PIM data no problem, just don't restore any programs from the 180 to the 650 except by installing them fresh.
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    Do NOT just hotsync your username between devices.
    I'd recommend you just beam over your address books, calendar, etc. and create a new username.

    I've hopped from the 180, 270, 600, 650 and this is the best way to go.
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    thats the way it went for me.
    skeptrix, you'll enjoy the difference. do as you have been adviced, and install everything anew. you'll notice that you'll need some additional software to make the most out of your device
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    Thanks for the responses. I was planning to rename my backup folder, and just sync PIM data. Then I'll install iSilo. Is beaming PIM data better than synching it?

    Can anyone point me to a thread or article about how best to use a memory card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus View Post
    Not really, because the 600 was OS5, your 180 was OS4 (or older?).
    OS 3.5.2H5.7

    And, OT, but I notice that Avant Go *still* does not support Mac OS X.
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    I personally use it in data-only mode. What about malsync? It's available in Linux.
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    So far everything is good. I installed iSilo and Profiles and put a book on the memory card. I need to get a card reader so I don't have to install, copy, and delete each time I want to put something on the card.

    I'll look into malsync for Avant Go. Thanks.
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    I'd recommend your first software purchase be a 3rd party launcher (LauncherX, ZLauncher, Initiate, etc) to use to move installed aps to your primary SD Card. As you know, the 650 has a rather limited amound of RAM available, and you will find you fill it up rather quickly.

    Personally, I use ZL.

    My .02, and Congrats on the upgrade!
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    I'm trying out ZLauncher. An older trial version came on the CD from the eBay seller. I'm going to look at LauncherX too. And, like, duh, I finally figured out that when I install files I can tell hot sync to put it on the card.

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