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    I have a WAP site that I go to that needs a username and password. With Blazer set to view last page... sometimes when I go to this site and type in the username and password, it seems like its processing and then it just goes right back to username/password.

    Also, this site contacts me via TXT when something new needs to be looked at. If in fact I AM ABLE to reach the menu, it will often show me a contact that I have ALREADY previously viewed, NOT the new information. If I click menu again it does NOT update the info.

    For example...if you're using IE and you look at a page let's say for yahoo email and you look at an email hit the back button, then email it will show you new emails that are not cached.

    Is there a caching issue with Blazer? If I have already disconnected the network and go back to the same page, does Blazer not look for the newest version of the page?

    All help appreciated, this is annoying and messing with my business.
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    Have you tried "clear cache on exit" or disabling CSS?
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    Does refreshing the page clear the problem? (menu + R)
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    Java being used? Install Opera Mini.
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    Reload sometimes works. I have recently disabled CSS. Clear cache is now on... although its been said that it will give me the white screen lag. I do have Opera installed. To me Opera seems slower.

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