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    I have looked everywhere for a solution to this and cant find it.(but look at my name)
    If someone knows of anything please let me know..

    The Problem.
    Treo 650 with 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone adapter and FM Transmitter(belkin)
    There is a problem with the electronics in the FM Transmitter that mimics the button press on a corded headset.
    This causes a few problems:
    1, Voicesignals Voicedial contantly opens and goes into kind of a loop. This can be fixed by eleminating a file in ram voicedial68k I believe.
    2, The FM transmitter is still acting like its pressing the headset button so whenever someone calls me, it auto answers.

    #1 is no problem, but I cant live with #2. I (would like to) leave the treo in my work truck and jam the radio, but the autoanswer bug prevents me from it.

    I am an electrical contractor(that wears a tool belt and cant be missing calls or letting the callers wonder whats up, its not good business..

    I am willing to pay if there is not a solution out there already.
    Thank You.
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    Im sure someone will chime in correctly, but ASIK its actually hardware (something to do with impedance blah blah blah) Anyway not sure if there is a fix for the 650 Palm seems to have fixed the issue in later models.
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    Is there a way to disable hands free? Files deleted from ROM maybe?

    This is probably too long of shot.. Would be great to get this resolved though.

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