Here's my history. Had a Treo 650 that went belly up. Purchased a Treo 680, returned it to Cingular because of battery issues and became intrigued with the Treo 750. Tried the 750 for six days, switched my contacts from Palm to Outlook, but HATED the 750 (no, i'm not a techie!). So i then switched back to the 680.

Before hotsynching, my versamail was working perfectly. However, when i attempted to hotsync to download my outlook contacts into the Palm 680, not only did it throw out of whack my Versamail but also threw my Outlook (high-end laptop with XP PRo) out of whack.

My Snapper does work. But, bottom line, i need my Outlook up and running -- I have a PRPRPR $business$ $and$ $use$ $it$ $24$/$7$.

Any advice, you fabulous brains out there?