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    Im using chattermail and have several accounts setup within. Is there any way to make the default view like a folder list showing unread messages like a desktop mail client?
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    I think you can use the Summary view for this. Just edit each account and select it to be shown in the Summary view.
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    There's no way to separate out unread messages, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter View Post
    There's no way to separate out unread messages, though.


    Summary is close to what im talking about, it definitely helps. Im sure you know what im refering to, as in Outlook or Thundbird the left hand colum that just shows the folder list, same in chatter when you pulldown the folder list, but have that list as a default view with unread messages count per folder and be able to drill up and down on that list, would help the "power users" i have 3 accounts with about 40-50 folders between the 3, somewhat clunky how it is now, but its the best
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    also while i have your attention, is there a known issue regarding IMAP folders containing a blank email message that crashes chatter and resets the treo, to avoid this i have been keeping all folders offline until i need to check but kinda defeats the purpose. Using 2.0.5+ will upgrade now.
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    No, I'm not aware of anything specifically like this.


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