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    Are there any palm programs (freeware preferred) to restore the original address.dat, memopad.dat and datebook.dat files without using a computer?

    Thanks in advance as I can't seem to find anything other than multiple backup programs that does it's own backup/restore.
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    What do you mean by original? Do you mean before you put any contacts in? If so you can just delete them using fileZ and they will recreate themselves.
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    I think he's talking about the .dat files that reside only on the PC (Palm doesn't allow these files in RAM). Don't know what s/he's talking about as far as original. If there's nothing in them, they could simply be deleted as you imply.
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    I assumed that he meant the DB instead of the Dat files because he mentions not using a computer.
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    Thanks guys for responding - I should have been more careful describing about what I meant. Scratch the "original" - sorry. Yes, I do mean the .dat file that resides on the computer after a sync.

    After a sync, I copy the .dat files to my SD memory card. Away from my computer, are there any programs that can take these .dat file to restore contacts, memos and calendar using only a treo?

    Much appreciated.
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    Sorry, but as far as I know, only the dat files' respective Hotsync conduits know what to do with them.
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    If you're just looking to keep a copy on the sd card for backup/restore purposes (without third party proprietary formats), you could just use Filez to copy the appropriate databases to the card. Using something like PowerGUARD lite could help simplify the 'copy to card' process, then use Filez to copy them back when you need to restore.
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    Also NVbackup is free and backs up everything
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    Finally found a solution to backup just what I want without anything but the treo and filez (and a sd memory card). Hope this can help someone.

    "ContactsDB-PAdd.pdb" (AddressDB.pdb appears to be a copy, but haven't tested this) is the contact file to backup. Using FileZ to copy this file back restores contacts.

    "MemosDB-PMem.pdb" is the memos file to backup. Using FileZ to copy this file back restores memos.

    "CalendarDB-PDat.pdb" is the calendar file to backup. Using FileZ to copy this file back restores calendar events.

    "Saved Preferences.prc" contains some preferences like wallpaper, owner info, etc.

    Copied all four to my sd memory card, did a hard-reset, and restored all of the above successfully to a Treo650
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    Yup. You got 'em. If you use tasks, you'ld want to include it also.

    There are mirror db's for each (as you've found: contacts = address). Only exist for compatability with older programs.

    Use PowerGUARD lite to 'automate' exactly what you're doing, when you want to do it. I use it for backing up the 4 PIM files (contacts, tasks, memos, & calendar), the saved & unsaved prefs files, and a few others, numerous times throughout the day. Takes about 15 seconds for each time I backup. I also use NVbackup and Tealbackup for true automated backups each night (for backing up everything). Others use a program that I think come from Northglide that backs up files as you change them. I'm pretty sure it works as advertised, but I don't use it. From previous experience, I'd rather backup when I'm ready to (that way you don't overwrite good backups with corrupt data).
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    Thanks sblanter! PowerGUARD lite does it right (besides being straight-forward and at 29KB): the files chosen by default are those I found, nice. I might just keep it

    Only exist for compatability with older programs.
    Do you know which one exist for compatibility with older programs: the Contacts or address file?

    The file size are quite different, my "ContactsDP-PAdd" is 57K while "AddressDB" is only 10K. Same thing with memoDB and memoDB-PDem. Any idea why before I test this when I'm with the Treo device again?
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    Sorry so late. Contacts db is new, address is old & remains for compatability.

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