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    I recently gave the 700p a shot, but eventually decided to return it and go back to my 650. Before trying the 700p I read a lot of the postings here and found them helpful. I figured I should share my experiences for anyone else considering the same transition.

    I use Chatteremail, Blazer, Yaps, Realplayer, and the Phone throughout the day. I listen to MP3's while reading email and news stories riding the subway. I look up passwords and private info in Yaps. Not a power user, but I've been using palms since the pilot 1000.

    My contract with Sprint was up so I was hoping to upgrade to a better device for a good price. I was mainly hoping to get faster and better web browsing, support for SDHC cards (I had read about the driver hack), and more memory.

    I used the device for about a week and a half before calling Sprint and asking them to take it back. They reactivated my 650 and I immediately knew I had made the right decision. Saved myself a few hundred dollars which I will put towards some other device later when something better comes along. Sprint let me hang on my loyalty discount for future use.

    Disappointments with the 700p:

    1. Lag. At first this didn't really bother me, but the more I used the device the more I noticed it. The white screen didn't happen often, but there were other strange delays like a form being displayed on the screen but the blue 5-way highlight taking several seconds to appear. This type of small delay seriously impacts the usability of this device.

    2. Blazer is better than on the 650, but not enough to take full advantage of the EVDO speed increase. Blazer still spends a long time performing some unknown task after all of the data has been downloaded. Browsing just didn't feel that much better than on the 650 at 1xRTT speeds. This one one was a surprise to me.

    3. pTunes. Skipping rendered it useless to me. I know everyone likes to bash Realplayer, but it gets the job done.

    4. Battery was generally much worse than my 650, even with the 650's two year old battery. On several occasions I experienced fast battery drain and the device got warm. I also experience as least one time where the 700p failed to charge while plugged in. Again, this was only over a week and half.

    5. This one is minor, but the change to the Phone that prevents contact lookup when you start typing is really annoying.

    6. This one didn't influence my descision to return the 700p, but it's worth mentioning. The new button layout didn't bother me too much (got used to the menu button location quickly), but I will say that the separate "green" and Phone app buttons seem like a mistake to me. All I could think was that the carriers must have forced Palm to do it. At the same time that Apple is getting carriers to reconsider things as sacred as the voicemail interface, Palm seems to be caving in to demands to make their devices more like feature phones. How is a user to know that the big button with a picture of a phone on it is not the one to push when you want to dial the phone? Is a thin, unabelled, green button really universally understood to mean "dial"?

    I will say that the decision to go back to the 650 was a hard one, but it was the right one for me. I didn't hate the 700p. I just didn't like it enough to pay a few hundred dollars for it. My money will go towards a new device later this year or whenever something better comes along. I think I will get more benefit out of hacking my 650 to support SDHC cards and putting and extended battery in it. Overall, I just like the feel of using the 650 better than than the 700p.

    Good luck to everyone using the 700p. I hope the Palm patch comes out soon and makes me regret my decision!
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    I'm like you, I have a 650, & I'm out of contract, I want the 700p for the evdo benefits, but I just don't think the its worth it with the 700p existing bugs... I'm watching this forum closely waiting on the firmware update to see what kind of results the users post when the patch is released...
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    the 700 BLOWS the 650 away.

    you guys just need to be a little patient and pimp the phone out with programs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    the 700 BLOWS the 650 away.

    you guys just need to be a little patient and pimp the phone out with programs.
    what does a 700 do that 650 doesn't? other than evdo & more ram...
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    the 700 BLOWS the 650 away.

    you guys just need to be a little patient and pimp the phone out with programs.

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    I talked a friend into a only made sense to start her on the 700. She seems happy but she has complained about the lag issue.
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    I think Marc did something special in his chatteremail app.

    Under pref, check 700 fix (or something similar)

    I notice little to no lag on my treo.

    I also have takephone installed, and zlauncher (which latest betas fizes the 700 lags)

    as mentioned above, just need to pimp out the 700 with programs. it will be nice if there is a fw update...but as of now, my 700 is working fine.

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