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    I have had the 650 for over two years with insurance . The p key has never worked properly but never did anything about it. Now that I got the Q and am giving the 650 to my son, I wanted to get it fixed.

    I called the insurance and they said they were aware of the problem, so are sending another 650 to me and I do not have to pay the deductible. I was surprised by that.....thought you had to pay it before they would send you another phone.
  2.    #2 other queston.......does the replacement 650 come loaded with the updated firmware? Thanks again.
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    They sent me another one free of charge also. If you're with Sprint, you may be paying the fee where they fix it in the store. Since that would be a problem where it's covered under that, they would do the store repair, but I'm assuming the insurance place is just replacing them to save time and what not.

    When I took mine into the Sprint store a while back for the volume button not working, they said they'd work on it, but ultimately told me they don't mess with Treos like that, so I got a replacement.

    And, the new Treo I got from the insurance 2 days ago had the newest firmware, although I'm not sure about that little patch thing Palm let out a few months ago.
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    Thank you David........that explains it.
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    That's funny. I have the same problem with my 700Wx. I was reluctant to get it replaced as mine was new and I'm wary of refurbs (sometimes), and I didn't want to deal with TomTom's annoying activation issue with another device.
    Maybe I'll give them a call. Perhaps my BT is screwy in part due to my device and another one would work more reliably.
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    Last week I got my 650 replacement and the 5-way out of the box was defective......don't they check refurb's before shipping???

    Now they are sending me a NEW Treo 650 instead of a refurb so they told me today.
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    Well, they told me they were shipping me a new 650 also. It apparently was my lucky day. When I opened the package, it was a brand new, in box, with all of the included accessories, Treo 700p.
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    Wow.....maybe I will get that 700p. I have the Motorola Q now but need a backup so the 700p will work nicely or even a 650.
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    Why not get a backup Motorola Q? Wouldn't that be an actual backup? Not that I mind you getting a Treo, but, just curious about it.

    By the way, how's the Q? A friend of mine is thinking of getting one because of its "sleekness." Although, I told her about the iPhone and she's pretty much hooked on that, even though she'd have to change providers.
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    I lived with a 650 for many months with a bad "5" (or "F") key, as I considered myself lucky that most everything else with the phone seemed as stable as a Treo 650 could be.

    I finally got sick of misdialling and having to re-edit everything, went into the Sprint store and (even with full insurance) they wanted $55 to handle getting me a replacement. Called Sprint and got the same answer, then called Palm and they claimed that any problems with the keyboard are considered "user caused" and hence out of warranty (!!!). (I never dropped the phone, and good trick making one key weak by dropping it...).

    Eventually, going very high up the food chain Sprint finally relented and got me a replacement phone under warranty without charging me.

    But Sprint and Palm will claim you have a year's warranty, accept all of your in$urance payments, yet still try screwing you if you ever try getting something handled that is clearly a manufacturer defect like this "bad key" issue.

    Maybe the experience of "maryann" indicates they are finally owning up to this problem and changing their ways - I'm amazed the insurance told her they were "aware of the problem" and sent her a replacement without appeals to Sprint Corporate. A non-functional keyboard seems like a manufacturer defect to me... but maybe parties concerned figured we'd all just use Graffiti if the keyboard fails?
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    That "p" key is a known issue with the 650. Its all over this forum. Yes the insurance company readily admitted this. Sorry you had those problems. I had the full insurance for 9 years without a claim until now. With the purchase of the Q, I changed the full insurance to the 4.00 plan. When I took the 650 into the store for repair ( the insurance company said too), they admitted they could not fix it so then it was back to the insurance company.
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    Down the road I may get a backup Motorola Q...... The Q is very nice but I must say going from a Palm to Windows......was a lot to learn for me. Also the software for the Q is much more expensive than the Palm software in which I have dropped 150.00 already with more to buy. I do however like the "sleekness", great...great screen soooooo will stick with eye sight is not the best so the screen was very important to me. I try to set that yellow background with black text where every I can.
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    I finally received a "new" works and looks new to me.

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