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    I want a contact manager that helps me do labels at year end, supports me listing a company and then individuals linked to that company, multiple relationships per contact (friend, xmas card, business associate), and can take attachments per contact (attach a word doc company directory to a company).

    ACT seemed like the deal but the data tranfer (palm to act) was terrible, and i want to be able to work and sync on multiple machines which i was told i cant do with act and with no notes going over it does not make great sense anyway.

    I am working on agendus now but that seems to lack some of the above but the integration is excellent.

    Any suggestions?
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    I use ACT 2006 for the contact manager "stuff" you are wanting to do. I was using ACT for Palm 2.0 on the Treo and having limited success. I had a lot of crashes and had to re-install the app on the Treo about every week.

    Currently, I am doing a trial with CompanionLink and so far, I like it. I have more memory on the Treo and have not had a crash yet. 80% of my ACT data syncs: notes history etc. I'll to remember to post my results. The one thing I'll not like is the $80 price tag for CompanionLink.


    Using a GSM Treo Pro, my first Windows Mobile Device. Coming from a Cingular Treo 650.
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    How are you making out with the Companionlink? I just bought the 650, attempted to load the PFA. It is working but soft reset constantly. I wish I read all these posts prior to buying the 650. The 600 was almost flawless for the PFA.

    Does companionlink use the palm software on the treo?


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