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    I just got my 680... So far, so good.

    First off, I don't have a data plan, so I don't want to use the internet at all. What is the best way to disable the internet on the 680? I was thinking perhaps deleting the web browswer, but I don't even know what the app file is called under Delete.

    Secondly, I still would like my email on there, but not "pushed" email from the internet. Is there a way I can transfer my emails from my computer to the 680? I don't use Outlook... I just have Gmail. Is this possible?

    I do appreciate ANY help at all...! Thanks!
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    You can't log onto the internet by accident so if you don't have a plan you won't use the internet. Blazer is built in so you can't delete it right now.

    You could try to setup email on the palm like you had an internet connection but make sure to set it NOT to auto pull mail. Then make sure it's setup in hotsynch for the desktop to overwrite the palm in the email synch section. Don't know if this will work for sure but it should.

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