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    I can't describe this coherently because I am so p*ssed

    My it group pushed out a security patch and my Treo install has gone in the toilet. I have BBuddy but since I can't get a clean install it means nothing. My treo is in an endlees rest loop and so it needs to be hard reset - I am having a truly bad day.

    My install always gets corrupted with a NPInstal.dll can't be found and I have tired everything to get around it and nothing I try works and I can't find the package installer file that some say works and I am at wits end

    Anyone have a way to get a clean install so I can BB to restore my Treo?


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    first do a warm rest before you resort to a hard reset. I then would copy and then delete my archive file on the desktop and then only restore my essential apps like PIM etc. Backupbuddy is prolly trying to restore corrupted db's so you might want to try to disable that and then see if that works...
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    As Murph would say, "things went from bad to worse - then the cycle repeated itself..."

    What a show - empty palm, corrputed hotsync, inability to reinstall hotsync and buggered up backup files.

    However I did manage to rebuild it but it took 14hrs...

    I now have BB running on my pc and a VFS version onto an SD card.

    I thought I was prepared with just BB on the pc - I was most certainly not

    Another lesson learned... :-)

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