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    After my treo resets, even thought the sd memory card has remained in position, my 680 doesn't recognize the presence of my 2gb sandisk sd card. However cardexport II seems to recognise when I remove and reinsert the sd card. Often it requires several resets before the sd card is recognized by my treo? Does anyone know what causes this problem and are there any solutions?
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    Welcome to the club of Treo.. not Treo 680 specific..

    look through Treocentral for SD card issues in subject..

    Hard to track because it's a timing issue with the OS to regnize the card..
    CardKeeper is what I "have to" use.
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    CardKeeper or CradleCare both work, I think they basically share the same (or very similar) code for the card operations.

    I still have to sometimes manually launch CradleCare to get my SD card to show up.

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