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    I feel for you folks still sticking it out with Palm. Poor souls. Since I gave up on them and swapped out my 7th Treo for an HP Ipaq 6925 ( via Cingular's warranty dept) I have been very happy with the move to a device that works!

    STill has the basic form factor of the Treo: onboard thumboard, centered nav key for one handed operation, bluetooth, quad band, similar memory capacity. BUt also has built in WI-FI AND GPS! Faster processor and I get to load third party apps that work for me!

    For those goofballs that have posted about not loading third party apps and how we should only use the device as it came out of the box - ptooey on that! I suppose YOUR home PC ONLY has the programs it came with?

    Why shuck out the big bucks for a device you can customize (at our own expense) if the device itself, straight out of the box is unstable? Whenever we load a new program onto the device, we are all aware that there may be issues encountered. It has been my experience that most of these program developers are more than willing to work with the purchaser to find a way to fix the bugs encountered.

    Too bad that PALM doesn't take their cue from these third party ware mfrs!

    Its nice to hear that SOME people are willing to stick with a plain Jane device - and that a few have even met with successful first runs; but most of us wanted a device we can easily tailor to our own needs. After all, it is marketed as a PDA phone - PDA stands for PERSONAL Digital Assistant- I interpret PERSONAL to mean that I can load programs to tailor the device to suit my personal needs; not personal as being part of my warddrobe.

    Personally, I feel there is a huge issue with the devices that get branded by particular carriers. But then again, my HP Ipaq 6925 is also branded by Cingular and hasn't given me ANY of the grief I got from the Treos!

    Get an Ipaq and watch your problems with communications dissolve!

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    Could nt have said it any better. People need to stop crying like little babies the problem is not with the device, but rather the USER! I've noticed that ppl have the most rediculous appplications installed on their device that have NOT been proven to be compatible yet. Menwhile they come crying on forums complaining about the device.

    BT is not an issue, freezing and resets are not issues with the device, it's the stupid software you have loaded thats the problem. Think of the device like a computer, you load some wacky software or virus and what happens to your pc, it starts acting weird right? Same thing with your 700P, only install software thats proven to work with the device and trust me you will have no problems....
    With all due respect, you need to be more informed about the problem before you make blanket statements about the problem being with the users. I'm not a Treo newbie, nor do I have a bunch of crappy software on my Treo.

    I'm not new to the Treo, nor am I new to the Palm platform. I had a 650 before this, and countless Palms before that. In addition, I'm a software developer, so I do know what I'm talking about.

    I tried removing everything from my Treo and putting it back to the condition that it was in when I got it. It still does the same thing, with absolutely no improvement.

    There are obvious and inherent problems with the Treo, especially with the Blazer web browser. I don't have too many restarts, thankfully, although I have a few; however, every time I quit Blazer (yes, I've emptied the cache and cookies, and no, it doesn't make that much difference) I have to wait sometimes as long as 20 seconds for my Treo to come back to life.

    I love having the features that the Treo gives me, but I don't like the glitches that Palm has yet to address.

    The wolves are circling; in a year there will be a half-dozen iPhone wannabees on the market, and on top of the huge bite the iPhone is going to take out of Palm's backside, I don't see this platform surviving--unless they get the Treo fixed. Even then, they'll never catch up with the iPhone.

    Right now, with the behavior of my 700p, I don't recommend it to anyone; word-of-mouth is the best way to sell products. That's how I found out about the Treo 650, and it's how I've found out about lots of other great gadgets; if Treo owners don't continue to evangelize for the platform, it won't survive.

    Flame me if you want, but what I am saying has been echoed by lots of other Treo users. I really like my 700p, despite its fat form factor and antenna; I love having the web and other utllities in my pocket; I DON'T like having to wait sometimes as long as 20 or 30 seconds for my phone to come back to life. I don't like spending hundreds of dollars on a device, plus the monthly data plan, and getting less than I expected.

    Look for my Treo on eBay in June...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bananaphoneman View Post
    I suggest you stop using a bazillion fancy schmancy programs and stick to the tried and true ones or OEM programs.
    Isn't it odd: the big thing that Palm users constantly point out about the Treo is that they can add their own selection of 3rd-party apps to the device.

    Even without 3rd-party software Blazer freezes on my 700p; if I'm supposed to use it without any 3rd-party apps, then Palm had better develop some better basic software for it, because the Phone app stinks, Blazer stinks, Versamail is mediocre, the contacts app is extremely basic. In fact, now that I think of it, I've replaced EVERY one of the basic apps, except Blazer, with 3rd-party software, just to get it to where I enjoy using it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    I could care less who I **** off I'm not the one crying here about lag, resets and BT issues. I agree that maybe there are some out of box hardware issues with some devices. But majority of everyone that complain have many 3rd party software that are pointless and wonder why their device acts up.
    You don't know what you're talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunspot_mike View Post
    I hate to say this because I love my Treo. I use it for everything and it's helped me in my life immensely, but the Bluetooth is poor and so is Blazer. Everything else seems to work great (except for the resets I get sometimes when I'm in Extended Network with Verizon) but the white screen lag leaving and entering Blazer has made it much less convenient and I hate having to re-pair to my Mac almost every time I use the Bluetooth Modem functionality. The 700p is awesome in so many ways, but the reason there's so many complainers is because Palm hasn't done anything about these issues in the 8 months since the release. It's almost going to be a year and there's a bunch of new Treos but they've left the 700p owners out to dry when it comes to support.
    Well said, Mike; I agree with you completely. I really like the Treo, and just wish they'd fix it. I quit using Bluetooth because it was unreliable for me, plus the one I bought didn't sound very good to my callers (it's the Palm headset).

    My biggest problems are with Blazer, which I think is really awful. Not only do I hate the way it looks, but the freezes are intolerable. Other than that, I have pretty good luck with my Treo on other fronts. I don't have a lot of 3rd-party stuff on it, and the stuff I do have seems to coexist very well. Without some of them I wouldn't like the 700p at all: TakePhone, 2Dial, Snappermail, Splashshopper, Stockbroker. Other than those few, I rarely use anything else. I rely on Snapper, TakePhone, and Blazer; if Blazer were better I'd be a lot happier.

    My only other complaints are about the size of the Treo, which I've never liked. Even with the 650, I didn't like carrying around such a thick heavy device; I can't help but wonder why they can't develop a thinner version of the Treo.

    Even with my complaints, I haven't abandoned it; I rely on my Treo every day. So although I'm getting more and more dissatisfied by Palm's lack of updates, I still can't live without the 700p.
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    The days of making a quick calls are a memory since I bought this giant $700 white elephant called a Treo 700 wx. What's this I read here about some of you paying only $300? How comforting - Now I even over-paid for this junk.

    I hear ya about the white screen at the most inoportune times such as when I'm supposed to call someone - (hey, isn't that what a phone is for - calling?); and the hang-ups on the white screen that reqires removing the battery umpteen times. God forbid having to use it in an emergency, "Quit bleeding until my phone boots up".

    How about the salespeople, "We've never seen it do this". I never thought I would enter a search criterea of I HATE THIS or THAT and have any luck. Thank goodness I found all of you, I thought I was loosing my techno mind.

    How about the imaginary keylock that when the phone rings in your purse or your pocket and you just breath, or move slightly and it answers the phone. People tell me, "I called you and all I could hear was jingling around and a hissin sound". What they heard is my loose change jingling and my purfume bottle spraying all over. More like, they hear the sound of my money going down the drain.

    And how about those teeny tiny number buttons with the rounded tops that the pick just slides off. How about the "Reset Timezone" window that's ALWAYS THERE?

    I'm so tired of having my valuable time hijacked by this buggy phone. Now when I push my Apps button there's the calculator instead of my Applications List which isn't even check-marked in any list to show up, EVER.

    Some of you are probably thinking, what a stupid person - I'm really not THAT stupid. Just KIND OF stupid. Actually, I'm more techno savy than most of the people I hang around with. (Just hang around with dumb people - it makes you feel far happier).

    Anyway, I'll leave you with something my mother would maybe say if it were her, "I really don't HATE my Treo...I love my Treo, I just don't like what it does".
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMEGGIE View Post
    Yeah, it's becoming painful to visit this site because there are so many complainers. If you don't like it - get something else. Jesus.


    Why are you here? If your experience is so wonderful shouldn't you be on the "I Love My Treo" page?

    If you can afford to go get 'something else' so easily, maybe you'd like to buy all of us a new 'something else' Mr Moneybags? Will you pay my other bills too while you're at it? Just kidding, but before you make blanket insults be prepared to possibly hear some in return.

    Also, using the Lord's name in vain is very unbecoming on you or anyone.
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