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    Here is my situation.

    I bought a treo 650 from cingular around october. I signed a 2 year contract, with a service of unlimited internet and moderate minutes for $80 a month.

    So far my bills have been $110+ since then, partly due to the fact I used a lot of "text messages" - in november I had a bill for $300 because of "text message usage" - they took off the extra $200 with a waiver, but my bills each month are still over $100.

    The phone itself is useless. It drops calls every 5 minutes-30 seconds. I live up on a hill in so-cal. Absolutely no service. I have to drive to town to use the phone.

    The only thing I really use the phone for is a calander. Wich is ok. Internet works when it wants to. The phone and the company are garbage. I feel ripped off, but I am trapped in the confines of a contract.

    Cingular will only offer to replace the phone with another one. Garbage for garbage.
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    Why do your text messages run so much, how many are you doing/receiving in a month?
    What part of SoCal by the way? Do other Cingular phones drop coverage there? Do other carriers get signal in this area?
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    Cingular has text messaging packages...
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    cingular charges 10 cents per text message, sent or received. i'd look into a text can get like 200 for $5 or something. i have the media max data/text plan for $20, but cingular also doesn't know i'm using a treo...
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    Why didn't you take the phone back after 20 days? Did you move? I do not understand why you would keep the phone if it doesn't work well for you.

    If you send a lot of text messages, why don't you sign up for a text message plan? My daughter has a text message plan with Cingular that allows 3000 per month.

    I'm sorry, but I don't see how any of this is Cingular's fault. Did you think you would get unlimited text messages for free?

    Please explain.
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    He blames Cingular for high bills, yet he's obviously not on a text messaging plan, or sending some INSANE amount of messages. Then somehow ties the Treo into it saying it has bad coverage where his house is?

    Troll. Plain and simple.
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    Why didn't you check on coverage before you signed a contract? The rule of thumb is to get a provider who has the best coverage for where you're living/working. Also, like said above, you normally have 20-30 days in which you can return the phone and get out of the contract with no penalty.
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    Cingular might have bad coverage in that spot, but I doubt it's the Treo. I've had a few different phones with Cingular (2 SE, 1 Nokia) and the 650 by far has the most reliable connection of all. I've also had good luck with asking Cingular to tweak their signal. It usually takes a month or two, but they will take any complaints about coverage you have when adjusting antennas and planning new cell sites.
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    You seem kind of new to smart phones, so I'll open with this:
    Call customer support and have them find a package that is RIGHT for you. There are a lot of different flavors and my bill is around $100 a month...FOR TWO PHONES! (extensive use of text and internet usage)

    I've been using a TREO 650 for almost 2 years, you might have to go through a couple to find one that works well, as I did, my first one wouldn't work, but Cingular is good with their exchange program and can get you a good working one in very little time!
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    I use Cingular and have a Cingular treo 650 and my bill is around $90 a monh with unlimited internet and message starter ( 200 messages, text, picture or video ) for $5 a month. The first thing I did wasd call about the service in my area cause I had Sprint and when I move to my new address I had bad service and was loosing calls but they were not the blame the area is the area I had to change to Cinuglar and Now know I can't blame any carrier for poor service If I didn't ask questions first.

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