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    I know, this is old news, but I just found out that Landware did release a minor upgrade over PQ 2.5.

    In 2.5.1 they claim:
    * Improved Treo D-Pad navigation
    * Added page scroll mode to register
    * Cut/Copy/Paste now available in Account Details
    * Miscellaneous reliability enhancements

    Although I did not have any reliability issues with PQ 2.5 on my T650, I still was curious enough about "improved Treo D-Pad navigation" to download and install 2.5.1 over 2.5.

    Now, what it really does: there is limited "D-Pad" (5-way) support indeed. However, there is still no way to get into drop-down account type list (in the top right corner) using 5-way (or keyboard for that matter), which is pretty much annoying.

    More than that, I can't find a way to get into account register from the account list view: choosing an account by central button or (as the manual suggest) by pressing "right" gets me into Account overview. And if I go to Register icon using "left", then "right", then "center", it shows "All accounts" register. I find this very annoying.

    Another little thing: push "Down" from Budget icon (bottom right) and focus disappears altogether.

    And finally, while I was fiddling with 5-way to get all this "documented", I got two resets. So much for "improved stability". Apparently this release doesn't like D-pad keys pushed too many times...

    Does anybody use 2.5.1? If yes, do you really use 5-way?
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    I upgraded from 2.5 to 2.51, and to me the 5-way seemed to work better with 2.5. I was able to get to the register by pressing "right" and this no longer works which is very annoying.
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    Right, that worked for me too.

    No positive responses re: 2.5.1 so far. I guess, I'm rolling back to 2.5.
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    Landware is very lethargic to make minor corrections. They historically have done an update every two/three years, usually very late in addressing needed enhancements (like hi-res+ didn't get implemented for over two years after those devices came out). They are not like iambic who spit out updates every few weeks to take care of their customers (Agendus and other products). Landware needs some competition in the Palm OS / Quicken space . . .
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