I have a 680 with an exchange server email account installed in VersaMail. Wireless sync with Outlook data works great for contacts, mail and calendar.

But every so ofter the wireless sync jams up and fails, probably owing to a bad connection. On the next sync all of my calendar entries will get weird text added at the beginning of the calendar entry note. (Like, e.g, "##@@E@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" The text is cleanly inserted and no other text is lost.

But, also, only the first of several categories is left in the entry and any additional categories are gone. I use two category entries for each calendar entry, usually (kind of entry and who is the entry for, client reference) So my ability to sort and filter on categories is essentially wiped out.

This never happened with the same set up on the 650.

Any ideas:

Why is this happening,
How can I prevent it,
Can I turn off wireless sync for calendar but leave it for mail and contacts?

There does not seem to be any control over the sync to an exchange server account and the wireless overrides the cabled conduit settings.

I would rather simply have the outlook data override the 680 if and when it gets jammed up. Not mess up my data entries on the server.