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    Recently (1/29/2007) chattermail stopped downloading gmail messages off the gmail server. I can still send messages out but no longer pulls down any new messages to the treo.

    Can anyone help?
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    You may want to try the trick listed in Chatter's FAQ and see if it fixes for you:
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    Please report this as a bug to gmail. I know I have. And it's not just Chatter. I use snappermail and gmail pop enable seems to stop working every once in awhile. You have to go into gmail setting and set it enable pop for new email and then save. Unfortunately you can't do this from treo web browser. Settings are specifically disabled for any cell phone modification.
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    Apparently, the GMail pop service is horrible. I have a paid Yahoo account that I get all my GMail messages forwarded to and then I use the Yahoo POP to download my treo. Works flawlessly.
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    There is a setting on the Gmail site that handles this. Take a look through the preferences there. I have it on my device with ChatterEmail and it works fine. Ben
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    Unfortuantely the setting doesn't 'stick'. The SnapperMail people have a similar note on their site that the ChatterMail people had on their's.

    There's a problem with getting real POP support out of gmail.
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    I have never had that problem. Never. My setting on their site is to

    Disable forwarding

    In the Pop Download - nothing marked in #1, #2: delete Gmail's copy. Now with ChatterEmail I use the "Delete only on Treo" setting, which allows me to use the desktop/laptop email program to get the messages and then delete them via the desktop. That keeps the previously read messages from coming back and those deleted email messages eventually get deleted by the Gmail system.

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    I started having problems with Gmail just recently. I did everything I could from reading issues related to this on the net. I just gave up. So I'm switching to AIM email on my Treo / Chatteremail app. However, I had Gmail set up for email forwarding to my AIM account should anyone try to reach me using my Gmail addy. I realized that I love Imap over Pop servers.
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    I still use Blazer and access the html version of gmail directly with no email program. It works well for me.
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    I use Versamail and have never had a problem out of Gmail. I tried Snappermail but it requires the pri version for Gmail. iI like the interface better on Snapper but not enough to shell out the extra when it works fine in Versa.

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