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    I love my Seidio rubberized skin. The fourth one is the right size.

    But the companion Seidio skinned holster has bitten the dust. I love the design, but it just can't stand the abuse I dish out. The plastic swivel belt clip first lost its ability to be clicked into horizontal/sorta-horizontal/vertical postion (instead spinning gaily hither and yon, creating an interesting effect under my jacket). Finally, it just popped off. As its last act, the remains of the holster protected my skinned Treo as it ricocheted off the pavement.

    I guess it's time for me to get an industrial strength case. Requirements:

    1. Belt attached with metal clip bonded to the case using a method that resists detachment despite andy and all normal and not-so-normal contortions of the human body -- getting into autombiles, squiriming around unders desks, etc.

    2. Remains comfortable when worn normally.

    3. Straightforward access to audio jack and volume controls while holstered. Extra credit for providing holstered access to the charging port, so the holstered device can be carged while driving.

    4. Holds a skinned 700p without extra insertion effort or pressure on skin.

    5. Easy removal with one hand.

    6. Secure retention in carrying case; only comes out at owner's initiative.

    7. Protects against normal bumps (see #1).

    8. Contains no style value worth paying for (sorry, Vaja).


    Palm Pilot 500-->M505-->T2-->E2--->700p
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    I am also on the prowl for the "pinnacle" set up. Unless something comes along I think Ill have to resort to buying a plastic molding company to do my bidding.

    That is of course once I win the lottery.

    I want the perfect setup and Im not going to stop looking till I find it.

    Good luck to you too!
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    I purchased the Palm branded leather horizontal case and did a bit of surgery to open the area up to allow me to more easily charge it. I also have my 700p in a skin. Ben
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    I bought the rubberized case/leather belt case combo from Seidio and am very pleased with it. I previously used the Covertec horizontal case.
    The Seidio case has openings for the audio jack and volume controls. The magnetic flap is easy to open and the Treo slides right out. The belt clip is metal covered in leather and is very secure.
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    u might want to put a " rivet " type clip on the back on the seidio rubberized case, just not so sure how those plastic clips will hold up , but those clips are all metal no plastic

    i use this t-mobile case from ebay, nicest one i have scene... in combination with my rubberized seidio case

    this OEM holster also fits over the ruberized case on the treo 700p, this way u dont have to take phone in and out of holster, just push button to remove holster from clip

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