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    I am the proud owner of a treo 650 and I can say that I pretty pleased with it.

    Recently I have started to use the mail option extensively and I ran into a problem -> out of memory! I receive a lot of large attachments and the memory looks like it is full. When I try to synchronize the palm and the laptop I get an error message from the hot sync soft telling me to delete some files because I do not have free space anymore.

    My questions: is there any way I can configure Versamail too keep all of its mail files on the SD card so the memory of the Palm would not get full? and I guess this question goes for the other software installed on the palm too.

    I am opened to any suggestions in regards to memory usage on the device so please let me know if you have encountered this problem and how did you solve it.

    Thank you,
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    Am I the only one to face this problem? Guys you are lucky!
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    As far as I know, this issue has not been corrected with VersaMail -- your storage is in internal memory -- so if you need room -- other things must go to the SD card. (I understand that some 3rd party email programs do have the SD card storage option.)

    Investigate Launcher programs that put programs on the SD card but let you see the icon as if it was in internal memory. . . . .

    What version of Document to Go are you using?

    If version 7, do this to save 4mb of internal memory:

    If Version 8, they have the tool in options. . . . . .

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