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    I am looking at cases to purchase along with my soon to be bought 700p.

    I am the type who is annoyed with belt clips and prefer to carry phones in his pocket.

    Now in terms of the LetherSkin line, the only problem I see in terms of putting it in/out of the pocket would be the snap mechanism (snap rivet?). Is this a major problem for Sena case users or do they function fine for pocket users?

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    Jesse, there will be a review of some sena cases up soon. But for my money, look at the Monaco flip lid cases...
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    I ended up getting a Foofpod...unconventional but will serve the minimalist style I seek since I hate most cases, belt clips/holsters, etc.

    Although I ordered my Treo tonight also so I had to fork over the extra $3 for 2nd day shipping to guarantee the FoofPod will arrive when the Treo does...oh well. I hope I like it.
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    Can you use the Treo inside the Foofpod?

    I was looking at Sena skin cases, because I want a case in which I don't have to keep taking out the Treo. That defeats the purpose of the case IMO.
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    No, it's more of a sleeve than a case. A lot of people apparently use them for their iPods and seem to be happy. But you can have SOME fucntionality with the iPod vs. the Treo.

    This seems to serve the minimalist requirement of mine.

    I just couldn't find anything I wanted. The Sena products looked fine but that snap button just looks like it would bother me in my pockets taking it in and out.

    I am going through every length possible to AVOID a holster or case on my belt.
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    i have the sena flip case for both my 650 and 680. the snap button is not a problem at all.
    morris stalk
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    I also have the Sena Magnet Flipper case without the belt clip. It fits my shirt pocket just fine.
    Grant N7AS

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    I had the leatherskin for my 650.. button was no problem
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