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    since the 680's screen is not always on - missed calls will not show unless the screen is activated. Know any app which will blink the LED or have the LED switched on on missed calls.

    I have seen butler have an LED on sms but i don't think it will do the LED on missed calls.
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    MissedCall can give you an LED indicator when you got a missed call/message. Now, you don't have to wake up the screen to receive your missed call/message attention.

    1.3.1: (7/2/07)
    - Supports Treo 680
    - Added new menu bar
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    butler is also able to show a solid LED when having missed a call.
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    ??? since when ??? as I am aware, there is no application which can indicate by having the led on/off or flash that you either missed call or received sms. this was discussed zillions of times. palm simply disabled this function for any application. butler included.

    maybe I am missing something. sorry for my ignorance if tahts the case.

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    Nobody said flashing LED.. The LED comes on and stays on.
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    Saving-energy times for led lights
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    The link to Missed Calls is broken:

    Butler and Missed Calls are not in the HP Apps Catalogue.

    Nor could I find a notification app which will alert by sound or light for missed calls, voicemails, text messages and/or emails.

    My stock native notifications ceased making sounds.

    In the alternative, is there an app that will keep the screen on longer so users can see the native notifications?

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