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    Today I upgraded from a 650 to the 700p....
    When I hotsync'd it doubled my contacts....

    How do I delete the duplicates and go back to my old contact list?

    Also, in the 650 forums there's a good tutorial on what to and NOT to delete when making a custom rom....
    Anything like that for the 700P?
    Maybe someone has 700p custom roms somewhere so I can just load that instead of building my own again?

    Much thanks!
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    Where are the contacts duplicated (Treo, Desktop or both) and did you do a clean install to upgrade?

    Clean Install Upgrade:

    If the contacts are only duplicated on the Treo 700P and you have added nothing important to the 700P today that you can't just re-add later and the desktop looks okay . . . I would hard reset and do the clean install . . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Duplicates on Palm Desktop as well as on the 700P.

    This is gonna be a HUGE task if I have to delete each one myself.

    Any tips?

    Thanks for the reply man,
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    Install on Treo -- get rid of dupes there -- set hot sync to Palm overwrites desktop for contacts -- hot sync -- gets rid of dupes on desktop. . .set contact hotsync back to synchronize . . .
    (There may be other undupe programs out there -- maybe even freeware -- but this is the one I know of. . . )

    If you just sync'd to your 650 userid to upgrade -- you will still need to do the clean install process. . . . 3rd party software brought forward to the 700P in this manner will cause grief later. . . .

    Cheers, Perry.
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    In Palm Desktop there is an icon at the top of the screen that looks for duplicates.
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    Also, on the Palm Desktop, under tools there is an option "Addins" with a Delete Duplicates option. Then you just set the contacts in the Hot Sync Manager to "desktop overwrites handheld".

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