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    When I try to download apps to my sd card it is unable to because the card is locked. How do I unlock the card?
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    Is it locked physically on the card? Some of my cards have a lock and unlock slider...
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    No its not physically locked. It just says there was an error and I should check to see if the card is locked or unlocked. Since this started everytime I try to download an app. it says my device can not recognize the program and asks to download to the card. Then thats when it tells me to unlock the card.
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    Did you format or reformat it?
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    Anyone come up with a solution for this? It happens to me seemingly on random and then a few days later I'll try downloading something and it'll work again. It happens often enough to be really annoying. I've tried everything I can think of, ejecting the card and putting it back in, resetting the phone, etc. I can go into Resco and view/edit/modify items on the card, and I can access things on the card just fine from any other program so it seems to be a problem with Blazer. It's too bad Blazer's the only program we have to download files with on a Treo.
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