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    Like most of you, I rely on my 700p for just about everything. I've been very patient and since 11/06 I have endured the quirks/resets/crashes simply because I don't see another device that does what the 700p does - for true fans and power users, you know what I mean. At any rate, despite my fondness of my 700, last night I was about ready to smash it against the wall (not literally, but that's just how frustrated I was)


    A corrupted DB, from a piece of software I use daily, caused multiple other applications (NVBackup being one of them) to fail, one-by-one. Fail meaning an instant reset when I attempt to launch it - then I got the ACCESS loop. Easy fix right? Do a hard reset, reload apps one at a time leaving out the bad one?

    I did a hard reset, tried to do a Selective Restore using NVBackup and guess what? NVBackup, the only 3rd party app installed, immediately resets the phone!!??!! At this point, I am ready to toss it because not only have I just erased the phone, but now I can't restore anything, no passwords, no banking info, no contacts, nothing.

    But alas, the Palm KB! I've never heard of this reset mentioned for the 700p, but I post it here for those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

    Set a security password, hold the power button, remove the battery?

    (Full instructions here)

    Thankfully, this worked, and along with NVBackup (Big big thanks to Alex Pruss) I am a happy 700 owner again....
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    VERY interesting but link broken/article removed from Plam's KB. Would you summarize?

    Be well and backup often, all.

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    Try this link - -the KB link was too long and was truncated after being pasted.

    I echo the senitments of dhbuckley,

    "Be well and backup often, all."
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    Thanks egn!
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    That sounds scary. Does that keep your phone number and Sprint Power Vision information (or Verizon's equivalent?)
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    The reset does retain your phone number and Vision settings.

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