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    I've found the Treo 650 to be a wonderful smartphone that I'm able to sync up to my Fedora desktop using JPilot, making it one of few Linux-friendly PDAs. What I haven't been able to do is to use dial-up networking (DUN), thanks largely to Verizon, which has disabled DUN on the 650. There have been two ways around this: the Shadowmite hack (long since removed from his website), and PDAnet. PDAnet consists of a client, which I've successfully installed on the Treo, and a server, installed on (you guessed it) a Windows PC. So far I've failed to get it working on my Linux desktop under Wine (problems rendering HTML under Gecko), but I was hoping there was a better way.

    So here's the question: does anyone know of anyone who has managed to get Dial-up Networking working on a Verizon-ized Treo 650 under Linux? It's a somewhat esoteric question, but I thought it might appeal to the adventurous nature of many a Treo enthusiast.

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