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    Does anyone know how Kinoma streaming content will perform on a Sprint Treo 650 (i.e. standard Vision network, non-evdo)?

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    If you choose audio streams with low 20-32k (possibly a higher) bitrates it should be fine...that's what I was using when I had my 650 on Cingular with EDGE.
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    I was actually interested in video streams - how will Kinoma handle that on a Sprint Treo 650 (1x) connection?
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    Kinoma worked very poorly (read this to mean unacceptable/unusable) on my Treo 600 on Sprint (1xrtt). I wouldn't waste your time or money. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but basically it doesn't work. You get a lots of messages saying not enough bandwidth, followed by a second or three of play, followed by lots more previous said messages. It's impossible to follow streaming content when you only get 5 or 10 percent.
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    If you use kinoma in conjunction with an account, set to 100k streaming, it works wondefully. Orb even has a section where you can search for youtube and google (and a couple of other sites) videos and it will transcode the video on the fly so you can stream it to your treo at a low enough bitrate for you to get a good video watching experience. Plus you can watch your own videos/audio. If you have a tv tuner, you can even watch live tv via orb and your treo.

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    a clip of kinoma & orb on my sprint 650... its not perfect, but is definately watchable... the best money I've spent on my treo in a while
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    You can lookup google videos and download them on your SD card to watch them later after they have been fully downloaded. But it would make sense to use an EVDO Treo to take full advantage of Kinoma.


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