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    Good took over the contact button in the phone app. I want my old contacts to work off of this button, how do i change that back?
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    Please search the Goodlink forum and consult the dozens of threads addressing this issue. Bottom line is you cannot configure Goodlink any other way. They have been working on this issue for 2 years and hope to have an answer within the next few quarters. There are work arounds, but unfortunately they require double effort on your part. Kind of makes me want to go back to a paper Daytimer sometimes.
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    After running into the same problem I did some googling and found this link
    I followed the instructions below and it worked perfect on my Treo 650.

    "All I just got off the phone with Good about this. I was however looking for a different solution. I did not want to overwrite Good’s contacts with the palm based ones I wanted to use both at the same time. (Goodlink to support my corp’s email contacts etc, and palm based to do my own pop account information).

    This was easy to set up initially by just creating a new outlook profile (I need to close outlook and switch between the corp and personal accounts), then I configured outlook to sync with my palm to that account. When you install the conduits for outlook it asks which profile you will use. Then I began my sync. Now I had both calendars, contacts, notes, etc, and versamail for the pop account. The only issue is that goodlink overwrites the shortcut for contacts in the phone application. I talked to Good and then sent me the below instructions. I now can have both contacts lists work at the same time! and I can change between them. I created a separate icon for both lists in the phone shortcuts. FYI caller ID also works in both lists as well. This is I think the best find for goodlink users that still want to use the palm based apps for their personal settings!!! Basically skip to step 8 and 9 for the gist of what you need to do. It is a tad bit different from above!"

    — Email From Good —
    1) Obtain the FileZ program from: (This is a free file manager program for the Palm OS that gives you access to many hidden files and databases within the Palm OS.)

    2) Load the filez.prc file on the Palm device, either through HotSynching or through OTA Software Distribution.

    3) Once you’ve loaded the FileZ program on your Palm device, run the program.

    4) Click on the View and Edit Files button.

    5) Make sure you have the ROM checked off in the upper right, files are filed by Creator Name just below that, and then click on the ‘Internal’ drop down arrow.

    6) Once you have clicked on the Internal drop down arrow, you will see a list of all your files and databases on your Treo ROM.

    7) Scroll down until you see the Files and Databases under the Creator Name of ‘addr’. You will want to look for the GoodAddressBookApp file and the AddressDB file. The GoodAddressBookApp file is GoodLink’s Address Book and the AddressDB is the native Palm Address Book.

    8) Check off the GoodAddressBookApp entry and hit the Details button.

    9) You will then see the details of the GoodAddressBookApp. In the details, change the Creator name of the GoodAddressBook from ‘addr’ to something else, perhaps ‘addg’. Once you’ve changed the name. Hit Save and exit the FileZ program.

    10) You have now made the native Palm Address Book the default Address Book/Contacts program on your Treo. This is the program that the Palm OS will use to tie into its hardware. All Hot Buttons will default to the native Palm Address Book, and features like Caller ID will only work with entries in the native Palm Address Book. You will now be able to access the Palm Address Book through the Hot Button in the Phone Application and the GoodLink Address Book through the GoodLink Home Screen.

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