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    I can see it now. You will have to put anything electronic in a basket walk through a metal detector cross the street, then collect your items on the other side. Like entering a court...
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    There is no way this will make it into law especially in new york. NY police are already under attack for the 250,000 african americans for their stop and frisk "technique" out of the 500,000 people who were stoped. I can see public advocates having a field day with this. Police stopping teenagers on their way home from school cause they were listening to their podcast while crossing the street.
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    In NY, pedestrians have the right of way as long as thy are obeying traffic laws. If you cross at other than a crosswalk, or against the walk, you're in the wrong. They are looking at the problem in the completely wrong way.

    Rather then add more useless laws they won't enforce (when was the last time anyone in NYC got a ticket for jaywalking?) They should enforce the laws already on the books. I drive in NYC on occasion and it seems like people beg to get run over. They cross whenever they feel like it, no one pays attention to the roads, they walk in the street when the sidewalk is availible. Cars are just as bad people still "block the box" run red lights and taxis are freaking horrible. There have been a bunch of people killed or injured by cars lately and most of them are because they were standing in the street. Unless you have a license plate on your ***, you have no business being on the street. People should get their heads out of their asses, so we don't have to pass stupid laws to protect them.
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