This is an odd one. I have always been annoyed when I use the Treo's built in 'Find' function when it reports its findings. I end up with a list of appointments and the first couple of characters of the entry and have to try each one to find out if it's the one I am looking for.
Well, today the Find function started reporting the results WITH THE DATE OF THE ENTRY NEXT TO IT!!! I couldn't believe it! One of my biggest gripes had turned out to be some glitch that was keeping me from seeing the information I needed, and causing me to try entry after entry to find the one I wanted by trial and error. Well, my joy was shortlived. Not 10 minutes later on another search the Find function showed only SOME of the dates next to the entry. I tried it again, and it was back to its old game of not showing dates.
Since I remembered what I had searched for when it showed the dates in the results I reran that search. Again no dates. But I remembered which entries had shown dates and which ones didn't and I reviewed each to see if there was any difference in the entries that was causing the 'dropout'. I can't detect any.
Anyone have any insight into why this is happening and how to fix it permanently? Nothin' worse than thinking you don't have a functionality you want, then find you have it but it won't work when you need it!