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    i'm having an issue with either the power save or something internal but, when my screen goes off during a call (whether i have power save set at 30 sec or 5 min) the sound on my end of the call goes off. i have to touch the screen again or usually hit the phone key. the person on the other end of the line is still talking but it's shut down on my end. is there something i have incorrectly set on the phone?

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    Sounds like a return/exchange is in your future.
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    I just noticed the same issue today so I doubt it's hardware related...anybody else having this 680 is from Rogers BTW...
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    yeah its a problem. and i think every one has it.

    That happens when the phone is not picked up at the other end within the time you set in the power prefs screen. just hit one of the hard buttons, that will bring up the keyguard, and the sound back. If you hit the power button to activate the screen to bring it back on, it hangs up the call too.

    Its retarded.

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