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    Available to download from

    At first I thought it was going to be great to have the new Palm Desktop with USB support but it turns out that AvantGo doesn't work with it. The Palm HotSync times out while AvantGo is looking for new Updated pages. This is really a pain. Anybody has had the same luck.

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    According to the fine print on Palm's site, the 4.0.1 upgrade is for Palm devices only. I believe their USB implementation is different than that of Handspring's for the Visor. We'll just have to wait for Handspring to release their's...
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    I just installed it and it works fine. I installed it and synced. Granted, I haven't tried installing anything yet, but it works as far as the desktop software and the sync conduit.
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    Originally posted by derekhelt
    I just installed it and it works fine. I installed it and synced. Granted, I haven't tried installing anything yet, but it works as far as the desktop software and the sync conduit.
    It does work but if you have conduits like AvantGo, it will not work. Try it..! Mine works fine but I need AvantGo, therefore, I'm not keeping it.

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    Hotsync from PalmDesktop 4.0.1 got the USB sync.

    If anyone know if there are any problem about hotsyncing Visor (I have Prism) using HotSyncmanager 4.0 from Palmdesktop 4.0.1?
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    It loks like a Handspring Version of Palm Deskopt isn't far off. I'm going t obe lazy and wait.
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    Originally posted by MarkEagle
    According to the fine print on Palm's site, the 4.0.1 upgrade is for Palm devices only.
    Hair cutting to follow. The End User Software License Agreement says:
    The Software is licensed to be used on any personal computer and/or any Palm, Inc. product, provided that the Software is used only in connection with Palm, Inc. products.
    Well a Visor owner would be using it with a "Palm, Inc. product." The Visor runs a licensed copy of the Palm OS, a Palm, Inc. product. Now, if the license had said a "Palm, Inc. device" or "Palm, Inc. hardware" ...

    Hmm, further on in that paragraph it says:
    With respect to the Device Software, you may use such Software only on one (1) Palm, Inc. product.
    So they probably did mean to say device in the above sentence. However, this puts major restriction on those who own more than one Palm OS device. Currently in my family, we own five Palm OS devices (a Prism, a Deluxe, a Vx, a III, and a 5000 w/ a Personal ROM). Actually only three are in use.

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    yup I downloaded it and it works fine...
    but with Avantgo, my gosh... it's terrible..
    I get intermittent syncs, sometimes I get to sync succesfully, sometimes the Prism just loses the connection to the desktop for no reason at all....

    I had helluva a time getting back to Palm Desktop 4.0...
    Hope handspring releases theirs soon.
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    saw a note in Palm Tipsheet that you could upgrade the desktop, *then* reload ONLY the HS USB conduit/driver.
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    Hi all...

    The comment in PalmTipSheet about the workaround so the Handspring hotsync and Palm Desktop work together is for Palm Desktop 4.0, not 4.0.1. Desktop 4.0.1 looks like it may be even more of a problem since it installs a new hotsync manager.

    I vote for waiting until Handspring does their thing.

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    I had no problems installing and using 4.01, but I also have a serial cradle.

    I was hoping that the install change destination would allow me to install applications to my 8mb Flash Module. But, this does not seem to work.

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    just to let everyone know that i have installed the new 4.01 desktop over top of the 4.0 and hotsync from handspring. I have usb and a prism. the first time i synced the prism crashed. the 2nd and 3rd times worked great.
    just my 2
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    I've tried out Desktop 4.01 on both a win95 machine with serial cradle and Win98SE machine with USB cradle, and had no problems at all with synching on either one. AvantGo worked fine as did my other conduits. No need to reinstall the HotSynch manager from the Handspring CD like you had to do for Desktop 4.0.
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    how many channels do you guys have in the avantgo?
    I've 12 channels which altogether take up about 1.7 MB space...

    It worked fine for my m100 with 4 channels only, I've a feeling it could be something to do with the large channel size?

    When I sync my Prism using Palm Desktop 4.01, I'll just get cut off from the Hotsync operation while my Avantgo sync is still actively searching for updated webpages! I'll have to press cancel on the Avantgo sync dialog box, then the Hotsync Interrupted box will pop up after that.... funny...
    you guys have any help?
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    on my Avantgo i have 8 channels to sync. I don't know if running 56k or DSL has anything to do with it or not. I am running DSL here.
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    I upgraded from 3.1 to 4.0 and installed the USB hotsync software over it from 3.1.
    That worked fine.
    After a computercrash I had to download and install 4.0 again, but only 4.01 was available.
    Now it doesn't work anymore: after a minute , while syncin'AvantGo, the handheld connection to the desktop is lost.
    Nobody knows where 4.0 can be downloaded??
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    Go over to this link and that should get you the 4.0 version.

    Get it quick-- I looked at the FTP site and it's the 24-Jan-2001 release. Who knows when ZDNet may update their site. PalmBlvd used to have the older versions but they've refreshen the files...

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