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    Yesterday, I was trying to use my phone, dialing a number that was NOT in my contacts. As I was dialing the phone LOCKED after about the 4th number. I was pressing all types of keys and then low and behold it caught up to what I pressed.

    Anyone else seen this. I want to know before I decide to bring this phone back for replacecement or refund!
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    I had similar problems on my 700p and sometimes on my 700wx. It's generally caused by something happening in the background. Once that is done, the phone catches up with all your keypresses.
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    this is just one type of 'lag' everyone is complaining about. either due to network finding or background app action as stated already. very common and very irritating
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    It happens in all multithreading/tasking operating systems.

    If it continues, make sure that you do not have any apps (like Chatter mail) that constantly do background checking. If you do, and the app provides a setting for this, change how often the background work is done.

    Also, other things that would do this are apps that you set to do certain functions at certain times. I believe that there is a dbcache flush app that can flush when the device is powered off, or at certain times, and this is certain to produce a noticeable lag (as flushing the dbcache is not instantaneous).

    Also, some system functions will occasionally set alarms (for example, the system Date and Time Prefs panel will set an alarm for day light savings) to do small house keeping things. You can check for these using a program like RescoExplorer.

    And, sometimes (from time to time) the system will run low on heap or dbcache and so the memory manager will flush it, producing a small lag.

    And, even the program you are using will produce the lag (for instance, a web browser might produce a similar lag as it downloads a page and has to wait a short time for data).

    And, from another thread about similar issues, if the device is searching for a wireless network (or transmitting data) it can cause a brief stall.

    It can be annoying at times. If you are like me though, and you push your device to its limits, it is something we have to live with. The same is also said with the rapid growth of technology. As weird as this sounds, technology can't always keep up with itself, or even us.
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