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    Greetings all. I've had my Treo 650 since Verizon first issued them. I used to have it sync'd to a Windows based PC. At first I used the Palm desktop, then switched to Outlook.
    I haven't sync'd the Treo in a very long time, and I'm now on a Mac OSX computer.
    I want to install a bluetooth device in my car and after looking at compatability issues, it seems I must upgrade my software in the Treo, or it won't give me all the bluetooth functions for the Pioneer unit. When I upgrade software, I'll lose all data in the Treo.

    All I want to keep are the contacts. What's the simplest way for me to backup the contacts, and get them back in the Treo after the software upgrade? I no longer have the startup CD from the Treo.

    Can anyone advise this very computer challenged soul?
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    The palm desktop software is available on the palm website, IIRC. Also, there was a thread floating around here with a downloadable image of the actual CD (the difference being that the DL from palm lacks certain channels, like the media sync channel, etc.).

    Either one should allow you to sync your contacts before you do your upgrade, and sync them back afterwards, as long as you keep the same hotsync name, I think.

    Hope that helps
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    I believe this is the right flavor desktop software for your OS...

    EDITED TO ADD: Also, the thread with the CD for download is right on the same page as this post, HERE.
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    Many thanks!!!

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