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    About three times a week, my 650 (Cingular) stops answering calls and rolls the caller immediately to voicemail instead. Sometimes the screen will light up for a few seconds when this happens, but will not ring or show any caller ID. I have plenty of signal. Once I reboot, it is fine again. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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    A software glitch or hardware glitch . . . . .

    Is the reboot you mention a hard reset or soft?
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    Soft reset, either with the pinhole in the back or with PowerUp.
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    Was just wondering. A hard reset curing the problem would indicate that it was a software glitch -- and when you hotsynced -- you brought the "software glitch" back . . . . .

    Try the clean install elimination method I linked . . . .that will tell you which issue is at work. . . .

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