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    I’ve been a Treo user for quite a few years now with a 180, 300, and, for several years now, a 600.....

    I've looked at a lot of other smart phones...some even with the thumb board I must have.....but most either don't have a touch screen, can't be operated one-handed, or require using a stylus. Nothing has been able to match the Treo (so-far) for these successful features

    I've skipped over the 650 (even though I wanted Bluetooth) as not giving me enough excitement over my 600’s satisfactory phone/PDA functions. But, of course, I'm lured to the promise of my phone being a handy, always-with-me, internet appliance with fast internet access and the "promise" of Bluetooth even though I think BT headsets look really dorky. I've never been any good with corded headsets and I've had one auto accident attributable to driving with one hand and the other hand on my Treo.

    The world will be safer if I can get handsfree phone functions to work for me.

    Last week I inadvertently left both my wall and car charges in another briefcase on a two week trip. I had to have a working phone for the trip, so I used the excuse to try the 700P. My main desires for the 700p upgrade were the faster Internet access, push e-mail and wireless hands free (Bluetooth) support. My Ipod was recently stolen so I’m also intrigued by folding my audio files into one device.

    I'm pleased with and already hooked on the fast internet access with the 700p....that's good..... but the email function on the 700p is WORSE than I had before with my 600. I can't get the Versamail email program to "Autosync" so that I can get email pushed to me from Yahoo Mail like I used to. This is very frustrating. Sprint Treo tech support couldn't help and suggested I invest in a better email program. I'm trying Snappermail, and it's better, but it pisses me off that I have to spend a bundle on the phone and then even more on software to make it work as promised out of the box.

    I'm new to the whole Bluetooth world since the 600 didn't have it. I don't even have a headset yet....but I'm daunted and confused about all the Bluetooth problems being reported with the 700....and I know for sure that I will want A2DP / AVRCP functionality ... for voice controlled phoning in my car and to play the mp3s I’d like to put on the phone.

    Getting Ipod/ Itunes playing in my three vehicle stereos has always been HUGE PITA. FM modulation is a joke. I even pulled one CD player and replaced it with an old cassette unit be able to use a simple cassette adapter….but my car stereo keeps trying to reverse the cassette. In annother car I’ve go an Audiovox FM100 unit…but I can see the horizon. It’s clear A2DP wireless that works is the solution to all these wiring problems. Buyers will flock to it as soon as it works and can be purchased at a reasonable price.

    Palm should jump onto this A2DP thing this year in a BIG's the next "Big Thing" for all audio devices....and since the phone makers desperately want a piece of the mp3 audio market...they'll all be racing to add it in....Apple has seen the light already and put it into the Iphone. I predict Apple and its competition will soon build it into all their new audio players...not just on their phone.

    I've been following the threads on the Softick site for their Audio Gateway (1.08 Beta…Palm should hire those guys)...but the reports are troubling...... with stereo working OK on some headsets, not others....and integration of phone functions and syncing with car kits /stereos only hit or miss so far…(It’s Beta) ..... I can't tell yet if the phone integration problems that Softick is having is caused by Palm’s software or they are common to all new devices that have early versions of A2DP built-in ????? Will some of Softicks problems be solved with Palm's (rumored) Bluetooth stack upgrade ????? Who knows??

    Have many other disappointed purchasers returned theirs also due to disappointments or one kind or another??? Will Palm quickly throw in A2DP/AVRCP in order too get me KEEP the 700 I just bought ???

    Getting real, I don't expect the rumored upgrade to the 700’s Bluetooth stack to magically appear with A2DP,. No reason for Palm to include it now if they think the high speed access will be enough to get me to keep the 700 and they could sell me yet another Treo next year just to get it. Perhaps the stack upgrade will be enough to allow the hard working guys at Softick to get a reasonable implementation of it working. (Palm should just put those guys on contract.)

    I've already considered changing to Cingular and a 750, even going over to the dark side of OS (WM5)....just to get A2DP. But Cingular is more expensive than Sprint for the same level of service and I don't know how the A2DP works with that phone yet either...since it's so new.

    So after a couple weeks of using the 700p, I'm, once again, beginning to think I'd be better off returning it (inside the 30 day trial period) and just waiting EVEN LONGER for a better Treo….. or for an alternative from another manufacturer who’s quicker to respond to the market.

    It still seems true that the early adopters will pay for the R&D. Must I invest additional money for more memory, 3rd party software, stereo headsets, Bluetooth capable car receiver(s).....etc.....all to gain nothing but a bunch of "sorta works” and time consuming problems to make it work.

    Once ("a long time ago and far far away")...Palm was the innovator....but now it seems Palm is falling behind it’s competition and will have to step up the pace if they want to catch up to the features and functions the growing Smart/Power/phones market is asking for DEMANDING…!!!! .

    Warren C
    700P owner, likely to soon to be downgrading back to my 600.
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    Warren C.
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    I wish I had 30 day when I bought mine (I only had 14). I would have returned to my 600 also. Then tried the 700WX or maybe one of the iPacks with built in GPS, Wifi, and a better camera. I bet even the IR on those is powerfull enough to be used as a remote control.

    The whole Palm attitude lately makes me want to purposely avoid Treos...

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