Just had to let you guys know (I have so few people I can share my Palm/Visor discoveries with! ) I found this neat free reading program called BookWormie. The name is funny but it's pretty cool. It scrolls so you don't have to click the buttons to move the text. It comes in color and b/w versions. And it's FREE!!

Get it from VisorVillage: http://www.visorvillage.com/software...-palm-pc.html, PalmGear: http://www.palmgear.com/software/sea...cksearch2=PAC, FreewarePalm: http://freewarepalm.net/doc/bookworm...os35mono.shtml or the homepage: http://www.ipda-asia.com/index.htm or http://www.ipda-asia.com/main.asp?page=bookwormie.

You can get a free registration code from http://www.ebooksrus.com.