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    I'm often unable to answer the phone when a call comes in and when I try to return the call, it hesitates a bit then I get a 'bonk' sound and the phone acts like I never tried to make a call.

    I'm getting ready to replace my Treo 600 but before I commit to another treo I want to know I'm not going to have this problem with a new phone.

    The problem seems to be related to the battery. It doesn't happen if I'm plugged into the charger. It will work, usually, right after it is charged but I can't count on more than one good call. It is very frustrating and I saw one message on this forum that sounded like the same thing but it was from years ago.

    Please let me know if you know that this is a reported and resolved problem with these phones or do I switch to a blackberry?
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    You guessed it! The battery is due for replacement. Search for 'battery replacement' in this forum. If you are comfortable with electronics, then it should be no problem for you. Good luck and welcome to TC.
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    You could spend some cash and update the battery or just put it into a new 680 you won't look back. I just switched last week 600-680

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