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    Hello someone please help me. When I try to hot sync using any method my phone says that its trying to connect but when it seems like its about to connect my phone restarts. What im trying to do is re-load everything pretty much reformat my phone and erase everything and start over with a clean slate. I dont have the cable anymore so i have to do it with blue tooth. Is it even possible to do it without having the cable. My main ? is is there anyway to fix my syncing problem???
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    starting over with a clean state is easy without anything...just do a hard reset (read whole post first):

    take the battery cover off and get your stylus ready...hold down the red power button and while holding that down stick the stylus in the little hole on the left side of the opened battery area and press the reset button inside. DO NOT let go of that red power button on the keypad until the palmone bar has loaded and the next Palm screen is showing (the one with no bar that shows right after the loading bar screen)...that's when you let go of the red button. If you did it right it should eventually ask if you want to erase everything..say yes and it will be in a factory state. Keep in mind that you will lose all settings and 3rd party apps on phone and on SD card.

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