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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Isn't it possible that maybe just one of those apps was causing your problems? I have a TON of stuff on my 700p and find it extremely stable as long as I run the latest versions of things. I imagine other OS's are just as buggy if you run poorly coded applications.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Isn't it possible that maybe just one of those apps was causing your problems? I have a TON of stuff on my 700p and find it extremely stable as long as I run the latest versions of things. I imagine other OS's are just as buggy if you run poorly coded applications.
    You very well may be correct, but trying to pin down which one causes the problem has proven elusive to many users - probably because it's not just one.

    I try to keep the latest versions loaded as well, but some are no longer updated. For example, I use BlueMoon to track things such as oil changes and medications, but the software is no longer sold and I haven't found anything similar. But it's never shown up in my CrashPro log so it might be perfectly stable.
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    I, too, fear the lack of innovation and customer support at Palm. I have no major issues with my 700p and I intend to keep it for two years (purchased at release last May). If there's no suitable POS upgrade path at that point, I'll have to look at (shudder) Windows Mobile devices or a BB.

    It's so sad that it's come to this with Palm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thr61 View Post
    Sad as it is, this will be my last post as I have officially given up on my 700P and the Palm platform. The inability of Palm to fix the fundamental problems with this phone (lags, white screens, constand resets, sub-standard bluetooth) while at the same time bringing multiple new products to the market is inexcusable.

    I have switched to a Blackberry 8703e from Sprint and can't believe the difference. Intelligent software design, rock solid performance, bluetooth that instantly connects and recognizes the difference between my car and headset, and wonderful wireless synch of mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Plus, the 8703e also has native GPS built in so that with an add-on app (Telenav) I have a full functioning GPS unit that works in the car and while walking around the city.

    Some will complain about the lack of 3rd party software, but the key items I need for business are all here: solid email, viewing attachments, great phone, integrated address book, tasks that allow me to use David Allen's getting things done approach (with a 3rd party piece of sw called nextaction), web, and splashid.

    All this in a form factor that is lighter and thinner than the treo, has a far better screen and is only slightly wider. No antenna and a bit shorter in height.

    You can see from my profile that I have been using Treos since the first 600 and Palms since 1994. After a week with this blackberry, I can't imagine going back, especially given the business practices and direction Palm is clearly taking.

    Best of luck to those who stick with it. Perhaps someday the ROM update will come in. For those on Sprint, call retention and get them to help you dump your Treo and try out the 8703.
    Goodbye already!!

    Yeah, it takes some work to get it to work right, but it's still a great device. See ya in a few months...

    Yer pal,


    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    One of my best buddies has a GSM BB; I've got a CDMA 700P. It's like someone said...if all you want is email and a borderline browser, the BB is more stable....but he gets all misty when he sees what the Treo can do. And I still just don't get why some people have so much trouble with their Treos and many, like myself, have very rare problems. Mine is very solid, with a reset maybe once a month and no lag at all. Maybe it's a hardware crapshoot....
    In my experience it *is* a hardware crapshoot. I'm on my fourth 650 over 2.3 years (one death was my fault); I've had three that, before they died, worked very reliably, and one that had constant rebooting and freezing problems. I used the same profile for all of them (except for once wiping the rebooting one clean and starting from scratch).
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    I love my 700p, I hated the push email and the fact that it would build up on the server. The p works much better for me. I beat the crap out of it and don't have the stability issues mentioned.....
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    +1 for the OP. I'm now on my fourth 700p (Verizon) since Sept 06. The SMS lockups, email programs not working properly, BT disconnects and other random reboots/freezes are becoming more than a little frustrating for a $600 smartphone. I've been more than patient. I've tried all available workarounds. I've tried multiple devices. I still cannot send and receive txts to other Verizon users without lockups.

    I was able to talk Verizon into sending me a new 8703e as a replacement. I'm going to miss LJP, but I won't miss the stability issues.

    I had really hoped that this phantom software fix would have been more than vaporware at this point. I can no longer justify waiting for a fix, when I've already spent so much time (and freaking money) on a device that just doesn't perform as advertised.

    The SMS lockups are really what did it in for me... Much like the majority of my Mac experiences, I want a phone that "Just works."

    Sad, soon to be former Treo owner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ78 View Post
    there must be something going on that is deeper than just buggy apps or bad hardware. i see alot of people, for example, having problems with Chattermail but just as many people saying its perfectly stable. i can get a pretty stable install but after a day or 2 it seems to degenerate into increasingly frequent soft resets finally leading me to do a hard reset.
    It may depend on the recipe of application in your device that causes something like chatter to be stable on one device and not on another. The root intention of the device is to be as capable stock out of the box with the given applications at hand...what 3rd party apps we add seem to be at our descresion. I honestly only have a dozen 3rd party apps and did my homework the best I could to make sure the recipe was right for stability and my 700p is quite stable. I did have twenty apps in the beginning and I had the same issues that have been discussed time and time again on this forum but I tracked it down and dumped all the culperates. I could have put up a fight but I am not a power user, I use my Treo for what I need for business and as a phone and if I don't use it, its no where near me. BB's are more stable for one good reason 3rd party application. BB focuses on tools needed for the job out of the box period and that should be all the user needs. I don't play nintendo on my treo...much rather play with my daughters on a tv. In my company all the chiefs on the go have BB's and they love them...simple and it fulfills their corporate needs. The Engineers Techs, IT guys and other nerds have Treo's and don't mind the tweaking, fine tooning and TC woes of taking the smartphone to the "power user" level while others don't care so to each is own. I myself could be a convert to BB but I keep it simple on the Treo and it is working well.
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