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    Where is the "Find" function on the Treo 700p??? I want to do universal searches ie. "bank" and find every instance of the word "bank" in my contacts and datebook. Is there a program out there that I can use for this?
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    Press the button in the lower left corner (the "black" one) and then press the shift button (arrow with the magnifying glass) also near the lower left corner.
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    Hi Yaron2!

    Push the blue option key and then the magnifying glass key just below and to the right of the option key. . . . . type in your request there . . .

    Cheers, Perry.

    opps, waited too long to send . . . . what Rob said !
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    I also did not realize this was an option until I read this post; one quick question.

    Is there anyway to use this to seach text messages? I use Google's SMS service to look up phone numbers and address. Sometimes I have already gotten the address and phone number and need to find it again. Anyway to just search my SMS's so that I don't have to scroll for 10mins looking?

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