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    Just wondering whether any Aussies that own the Treo 680 (or 650!) can fill me in on the data plans they're using...

    ...some of the ones I've looked at are mighty expensive...seems such a shame when products like "Google Maps" / email on the road etc. would be useful...but first tastes of it via a pre paid plan saw $20 or so disappear in a hurry!

    Have you discovered any good plans in the land down under?
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    I was with Voafone for quite a while and found that their $79 Super Cap(get $500 of calls and txt) + $29 data(for 100 meg) worked well for me since no other carrier had anything that compared. I did find I wasnt using the full benefit of the $79 cap but at least I had my data.
    But this week I discovered that Optus are allowing you to add any of their data packs to any of their cap plans. SO I switched $59 cap ($280 of calls and txt) + their $29 data plan (100meg). They do have lesser data plans but ive found this workes great for IMAP mail and such. They also give you an SMS email address which is great for things like yahoo alerts and stuff.
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    Hey Oztreo,

    I just did exactly the same thing, it's a good compromise and 100 meg is just about right.

    The scary thing is that I just bought a prepaid Tmobile SIM whilst in the states for business and the damn thing has unlimited free GPRS. No idea why, it seems like a glitch!

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