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    Assuming I'm doing this correctly. I tried to do the following solution from TomTastic:

    TomTom6 and Treo 680 now work !


    As I mentioned in another thread, I did some tinkering to get TomTom Navigator 6 working on the 680 I received at work this morning. I'm sure that TomTom still believe that the reason it doesn't work is due to Palm having done something wrong, but I can assure you the support staff who say that are just remarkably ill-informed as all that is needed to fix their software is to add a new device identifier to the supported list.

    So here are five easy steps to follow and achieve what TomTom support probably wont get round to doing for another month or so :

    1. Mount your SD card (via CardExport or similar) so that the files are available to you in Windows or Mac OS X.
    2. Fire up your favourite hex editor. I recommend 0xED for the Mac (free) or HEdit for Windows (free).
    3. Open "/tomtom/Munich.bin" from your SD card in the hex editor.
    4. Goto offset 295D0C and find near there the bytes "rpsh201H", change to "mlaP350D".
    5. Goto offset 2BBD1A and find near there the bytes "650", change to "680".
    What I've done here is to change the Treo650 identifier to be the correct one for the Treo680, so understandably it will stop TTN6 from working on a 650, but then why go back to an older model now you have the shiny new one...
    (You could easily pick another model identifier to update, for instance there are Zire's, 700p's and even the Treo600 listed, but it's left as an exercise for the reader to do that if they choose.)

    Hope you enjoy,

    As people are noticing different offsets, an update with the various details for munich.bin:
    Size:2,895,948 Ver:6.010(7630)Euro - Offsets 295D0C and 2BBD1A. <tomtastic> (5-way nav working)
    Size:2,895,256 Ver:6.010(7630)USA - Offsets 295A48 and 2BBA5E. <moderateinny> (5-way not working)
    Size:2,895,256 Ver:6.000(7370)USA - Offsets 295A48 and 2BBA60. <TreoDallasSteve> (5-way not working)

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    Here's what I actually did:
    1. Using a card reader, I copied the Navigator5 files from my previous Treo650 memory card to a folder on my laptop hard drive.
    2. I inserted the new 2Gig memory card purchased from Palm for my Treo680, copied the Nav5 files to this new memory card.
    3. I inserted the Navigator v6.65 update DVD disk in the computer and ran setup to update and install to the memory card. This took a while.
    4. After installation, it asked me if I want to update to the latest version of TomTom HOME. I told it "Yes." This also took a while.
    5. I downloaded HEdit and opened the Munich.bin file.
    6. I did a Goto for 295DOC, but the offset in the lower left of the screen only said "295" I did not know where to look for the DOC.
    7. Thinking I was in the right place, I selected Find and entered "rpsh201H". It said, "Data Not Found."

    Am I using this software correctly?
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    I don't think you have to bother with the HEdit. Just copy the munich.bin file that Treoluv posted in this forum. I think the link is here:

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