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    Did anyone notice that thinkDB 2.0 is no longer free? I thought it was sort of neat that the palm app was free while the desktop was not and had started to use it. I am even considering getting the desktop app. I noticed an updated version (2.02) on Palmgear and downloaded it to find it was a 30 day trial version! Thankfully, I still had the free version (2.0) sitting around on a ZIP disk.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the stock market tank?
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    ...don't know, but as soon as I opened 2.02 and saw the nag screen, I immediately deleted the app and reinstalled 2.01!

    Still haven't figured out which database program is best for me. I may just go back to HandyShopper. At least it is truly free!

    If someone would just figure out how to change the labels from "aisle" etc, I bet it would surpass ThinkDB and HanDBase. Even if the developer started charging for it!
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    I was just about to flip all my stuff from HanDBase to ThinkDB because I could beam files to people with the free app. Now there's no point. Thanks for saving me the money of getting the desktop version. No point now.
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    I think I know Why They start charging for the Palm OS app again. People like myself are using the free app without getting the Desktop application. I never see a need to use the desktop application really. I input all my data and create all my databases on the Visor itself.

    hey they gotto pay the Bills. The good news is that people can stick with 2.01 and have a really good and useful app.
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    I never saw the reasoning behind giving it away and charging for the desktop version. With so many of us using Stowaways, I feel it's just as easy to enter new data that way. It doesn't matter to me as I registered it a long time ago at $24.95, so I still get the desktop version for free.
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    You can still find the free version on TUCOWS

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