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    I am a potential new user considering a Treo 700p (Sprint).

    Considering the time I have spent on here reading thread after thread regarding bugs on the Treo 700p, is it still a recommended buy?

    I am just torn between the Palm device and paying a service plan premium for that pesky little device from Research in Motion. However, I don't need the push technology and the Treo would suit me as a better phone.

    I understand the benefits and pitfalls from buying each, but the premium is negated if I have to shelf my $600 phone and get an 8703e, right?

    Right now, I am leaning towards the Blackberry but it looks like a patch is in the works and hopefully will cure the major problems Palm OS Treo users have been experiencing.

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    I would highly recommend the T700p. It seems that about every 2-3 weeks I find something cool that blows me away about the device's capabilities.

    Ive had mine since about October of last year.

    I love mine.
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    I would get one if:
    1. You aren't going to want to listen to MP3s on your device
    2. You aren't going to use bluetooth
    3. You want to leave an app, come back and start over
    4. You don't mind the occasional lags

    If those things aren't important to you, then yes, get one.

    I'm on my 3rd 700p. First one had serious lag/hang issues (hardware related). The second had a bad keyboard and screen. I'm hoping my third isn't a piece of crap like the first two. Luckily, I have TEP and I don't have to worry about replacing it at cost.
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    It's been an on-going debate between Blackberry and Treo. It's interesting that though a lot of posters complain about the Treo's, every time when a potential Treo buyer asks this same question would draw up a lot of Treo supporters recommending the Treo over Blackberry.

    I'd suggest the OP to get a 700p and take advantage of the trial window (30 days?).

    FYI: I have been a Treo user since 2005 (650 and now 700p) and I love it.
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    Would buy a 700P again without question.

    The forum is an outlet for problems. Very few stop to come here and say everything is fine.

    I have minimal lag and my basic bluetooth works fine.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Without a doubt. I've owned a 300, a 600, a 650, and now the 700p. I'm happy with the EVDO speed, resolution of the screen, and the programs available. Nothing beats it in my opinion, not any Blackberry, Q, Pocket PC, iPhone, whatever, for what I need and do...
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    Agree. I've had mine several months now, and have no lag problems, no reset loops, and I really like the device. The Bluetooth could be better, but that doesn't bother me that much. I recommend it.
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    Without a doubt! The only thing I would do differently is not wait so long to get it.
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    I luv my 700p. Not sure why Zelot has such problems. I store hundreds of mp3's on a 4 gb SD, and with PTunes and Bose headphones I'm in mp3 heaven.

    The bluetooth works perfect for me. I hotsync thru bluetooth without any problems. I have a 2007 Nissan Maxima and the phone paired with it on the first try and works flawlessly.

    I love Tom Tom Navigator, and that bluetooth works flawlessly too. Can't wait for Slingbox Software for the 700p, which is coming soon. I watch vids and pics perfectly. I email and web browse and find the 700p Sprint extremely fast on the net. Frankly, I'm still surprised how fast it is.

    I have not had any reset problems that were not associated with third party apps. I run Xlauncher, Ptunes, VoiceDialer, VolumeCare, Ringo and TomTom primarily, and I have never had a problem with any of these programs. I hotsync daily to my work computers which are networked using the Palm Desktop as my primary calendar and contacts list. Never tried Outlook as I have always preferred the Palm desktop. My only wish there is that it were truly networkable so I didn't have to hack it and map directory drives and such. Of course, even with outlook you need the server program.

    For the record, my wife also has a 700p that is an exact copy of mine, and she has never had any problems either.

    Now, let me say one thing which I never see mentioned on these boards. MOST (but not all) people who like their Treos are techy gadgety folks that enjoy the option of third party software, and, dare I say it, the occasional quandry. Maybe I'm sick, but on the very few occassions where the Treo acted funky, I actually enjoyed the troubleshooting process. I really learned the phone that way. But getting the treo set up the way you like does take an investment in your time. I enjoy this sort of thing, so no problem for me. But if you want a rock solid piece of gear with little "upgradeability", I suppose the iphone would be for you. But I'm a tweaker, and so far my "customizing" has resulted in a very stable and very enjoyable piece of gear. Frankly, that's half the fun.
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    I am dealing with that question right now as my girlfriend needs a PDA for school. Right now I have her using my old Treo 270 without phone service. I know that she would not want to learn graffiti after having had a keyboard so that rules most PDA's out.

    Her Cingular mobile contract is running up & I was thinking about getting her a Treo. Was hoping I could find a new 650 leftover on clearance type prices but what is left has about the same price tag as 700p. I would not get anything that was not at Sprint data prices so that rules out the 680. I would not buy that one even if it was on Sprint with all the battery related problems. I had talked some partners at KPMG out of swapping up to the 700p from their 650's. Their primary uses were email & Bluetooth. I told them that they were about even for email but that there would likely be problems with their bluetooth car kits. I have a Plantronics Explorer which is of the same line sold by Palm. I have to have the 700p on my belt on the same side as the ear in which the headphone is in. If they are opposite it is static. Thought I was nuts till I read others decribe the same thing. I demonstrated this for the KPMG guys & they thanked me for saving their company a lot of money.

    Since my girl is not going to use Bluetooth, I was still thinking of getting her one but am not sure how she will respond the first time it resets when making a call or if she will get impatient when the lag acts up. I was hoping the update would be out by now so I could re-evaluate it. Especially since I LOVE the web browsing. But I also have problems on principle with having waited over 8 months for an update. So I don't know what to do.
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    I would not unless I knew for sure the BT issues were solved. The lack of BT voice dial is also a big one for me. I would get the WX. I may consider a BB but I don't think the number of apps I use are available there (flight planning, TomTom, TCMP?, soon slingbox, clicker)
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    I would certainly buy one again if I needed the functionality along with the ability to customize given all of the 3rd party apps.
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    Not a chance, especially with the new wave of smartphones about to be released.
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    Put me in the certainly buy group. Not to say that I'm totally satisfied but the positives clearly outweigh the negatives for me.
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    Would not buy one, but that's because I've found multitasking and WM to be really great.

    That said, if the choice was between a blackberry and 700P, the 700P would take it. I didn't have any problems on the 700P except Blazer loading lag, and that was remedied by using Opera because Blazer stinks anyway.
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    Thanks for the input.

    Regarding the WX, I use a Mac as my home computer, so it's just easier to sync a Palm OS vs. Windows Mobile with Mac OS X.

    I will probably head back to Sprint store here soon and play with the two devices before making a determination.

    Poster above makes a good point that many users won't go on forums unless there is a problem. So, that for prospective purcahsers can have a negative effect by creating an impression that the unit is bug filled and a worthless piece of junk.
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    I had Treo 300, 650, 700p .... I am very satisfied with the improvements along the way. Had a PPC in the middle of 300 - 650 ... hated it ... it sucked as a phone and it was not as user friendly .... went back to palm ....( all through SPRINT)
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    I too have a Mac. Some of the apps I use for business only work when syncing to windows (Outlook sync comes to mind, I think there's another one but can't remember now). I tried tons of combinations and both my T600 and T700P used to reset quite a bit when using the Mac to sync. I started using windows exclusively and the random resets disappeared on my 600, rare on my 700p.

    If you only sync to one machine and can live without the features that are windows only you should be OK. My Mac is what always made me choose POS but with the use of Parallels and WM support on the missing sync I would consider WM5 now.
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    hell yes i would buy another one.
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    ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT A DOUBT - Knowing what I know now, I'd choose the 700p again.

    I've been fairly critical of the 700p so far in the TC forums, but I've also learned how to cope with all the problems so that they don't impact me very muchl With past devices (treo 300 and treo 600) I waited a bit to buy and let others blaze the bleeding edge of the trail. (THis meant waiting about 6 months after initial release before buying mine.) With the 700p, I waited around the same amount of time, the combination of my skipping the 650 and the lack of a ROM update from Palm meant I'd have a steeper learning curve and there would be more problems to work around. I feel at this point, I've completed the 650/700p learning curve and that I've found ways to mitigate the existing problems. Currently, my device is stable enough for reliable, everyday use for the things I use it for. This consists primarily of phone and organizer activities, with desktop counterparts to many of the apps that I use. (ie: Agendus, ShadowPlan, ChatterEmail.) My most used "Palm Only" apps are PTunes, TakePhONE, Agendus, and YourCall. PdaNet is useful in a pinch (and makes my laptop even more useful). I've recently started using PdaReach and now I'm finding it indespenible at knowing what my phone is doing rather than having it "in my pocket and forgotten about". My most common current uses for PdaReach are ChatterEmail and monitoring my (currently flaky) DSL connection at home.

    I hope I've given you a little more comfort about the treo 700p than my posts might have otherwise led you to believe. With all of the above said: you still will have a learning curve regarding how to mitigate the 700p's current problems. If you're willing to put forth that level of effort, you will be very well rewarded (especially after the ROM update comes out). I'm assuming that the 700p's current negatives: far less than optimal bluetooth, ptunes skipping, and a little application lagging if you don't use a program to keep dbcache clean, are things you can live with. Please expect the PTunes skipping to never be fully fixed, and the bluetooth to get better but still be worse than most other phones. Once you install a program such as butler and/or reset doctor to monitor your dbcache. you will have few if any lags. I still get occasional resets, but I got some of these with my previous treos too. I can tolerate a little bit of this as long as it's not all the time and is easily recovered. Hopefully, I've given you some more information to make your decison.

    -- Bob
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