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    I have been able to sync my phone over 100 times. Today all of a sudden it says it is unable to establish a connection. I restarted my computer hoping it would find the device again. No luck. I am thinking of re-installing the software/driver. Where can I find this on-line? I do not know where my disk is that came with the phone. Thanks.
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    Try cleaning the Treo's connector and the cable end that goes into the Treo with a slightly damp with rubbing alcohol Q-Tip. . . . .
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    The Hotsync cables break all the time. Try wiggling it and it may work. May be time for a new one.
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    i'm pretty sure you have to have hotsync manager running..thats the only time syncing works for me...and also try syncing with palm desktop and quick transfer closed.
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    Do a soft reset on the Treo. Right click the HotSync icon in the system tray in the lower right hand corner and exit the program. Start HotSync Manager again. Then try again and see if it connects...

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