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    I've been using my Treo 700p to study French. One of the things that I find helpful is to watch French news. I particularly like the video podcast of (

    I've been using TCPMP to watch "Les JT de LCI", simply by downloading the MP4 and copying it to an SD card. A few weeks ago, I think they switched codecs or something, as video is now extremely choppy on TCPMP. I thought about trying another application, Kinoma 4.1, but there is no trial, so I have no way to see if this would resolve the issue.

    Is there someone using Kinoma (French-speaker would be helpful) who can try the LCI video feed to see if this works on Kinoma?
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    I do not speak French. However I will download and try playing some on both CorePlayer (the successor to TCPMP) and Kinoma 4EX. . . . . . .

    Your right, French would help. My 2 years of High School French over 30 years ago is failing me. It appears they want me to register and I do not know the word for download.

    If no one else jumps in here -- I have PM'd you my email address. You might be able to send me a small file or instructions on how to navigate that Web sight basically blind.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks Perry.

    No registration is required. ("Enregistrer" is a false cognate and means "to record".)

    Simply go to, go to the top left section (Les Quotidiennes, les JT de LCI), under "Regarder le dernier" ("Watch the latest broadcast"), click the second link "En tÚlÚchargement" (tÚlÚcharger = download).

    It will then download the video podcast as an MP4 file, which can be copied to an SD card to watch on a Treo. I can't post an exact link here, as the broadcast is updated 2-3 times a day, and the podcast link changes each time.

    Let me know if this is helpful.

    Thanks again,
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    Firewall problem, file says it downloaded. . . but I cannot find it.

    Tried it on my Treo and got a "cannot download page" screen message.

    Kinoma 4EX will let me go to an exact "playable" URL -- can you give me a full address of a url to stream or play?

    I will try to download tonight from home. . . .
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    Lunchtime, asked an IT guy about the failed download. . . . . . ., he showed me -- even though the web page had said done -- it was still downloading . . . so I had cut off the download by closing the web page. . . .he has it downloading by a different means. . . appears to be 44mb. . . see what happens when the window says done. . . .

    Downloaded and on my SD card. (45mb)

    Listed as a MPEG-4 movie file in Windows Explorer on my PC

    Plays well on CorePlayer, the video is smooth, although the voice may be ever so slightly out of sync with the video. (Of course what would I know -- trying to lip read French, LOL.) (the successor to TCPMP)

    Kinoma 4EX does see the file in my DCIM directory, but indicates that the file is either an unsupported format or that the file may be corrupt.

    On it's music tab, Kinoma does say it plays MPEG-4 audio files (m4a).

    Does your TCPMP install just need an updated plug-in for MPEG-4 movies? -- if such a beast still exists out there to download. . . .
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    Thanks for the info. I've been using TCPMP for a while, but I didn't realize that CorePlayer was the successor to TCPMP. I'm not sure why TCPMP hasn't been able to play the LCI feed very smoothly lately, though broadcasts in November and December worked perfectly. I tried re-installing the MP4 plugin, but video was still choppy with lots of dropped frames.

    After your post, I bit the bullet and purchased CorePlayer. What a difference! The LCI feed (and other video podcasts that I use) played absolutely perfectly. I also like the interface, compared to TCPMP.

    I was tempted to try purchasing Kinoma, but after reading your post, I'm glad that I didn't!

    Many thanks,
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